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Your New “Coton De Tulear” Puppy


Congratulations on your new family member. The purpose of this document is to give you some suggestions on the care, feeding and training of your little one.


General Feeding: We recommend you feed your puppy “Life‘s Abundance All Life Stages Grain Free.” Please go to our website and click on the Life’s Abundance page for more information on available products copy and paste this URL in your browser:  There is also “Nature’s Variety” raw frozen Beef patties that we recommend you give your pet daily. We use it only as a supplement and not as a replacement to the Life‘s Abundance. I would recommend giving the puppy and adult 1/2 patty per day. Please take the same precautions as you would in handling any raw food product. DO NOT feed your dog table scraps! There are a multitude of foods that we can eat that are harmful to your dog. Never feed your dog directly from your plate even if the food is one the dog would be alright eating. This will only create a dog that begs every time you eat. Besides Life‘s Abundance, your dog can eat unseasoned cooked broccoli as well as cooked sweet potato. Apple and banana slices can be a sweet treat. Cottage cheese and kefir are also healthy for your pet and can be easily mixed into their Life‘s Abundance. Mix it up! Variety is as good for them as it is for you. Never feed your dog candy, chocolate or grapes of any kind!


Vitamins @ “Pet MD, Canine Tabs Plus. ½ tab per morning until 6 months of age and then 1 tab each morning (365 tablets). This will give your puppy what he/she needs to keep them healthy.


Treats: We recommend Stewart’s 100% Pure Beef Liver Treats for Dogs available on Amazon. They can be cut into smaller pieces to make them more manageable for your puppy. Plato Salmon Strips are another treat we give our kids, available on Amazon.


Recommended products: For the absolute best results for your Coton’s hair care can be found @ . The Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner will make your Coton’s hair softer and more manageable saving lots of time in their brushing and upkeep. It might seem pricy at 1st but it’s really not as we have found that with this product a little goes a long way. Gold Medal Pets tear stain remover. For house training your puppy we recommend a roll of 2” masking tape with the Simple Solutions 23” x  24” or larger pads. These pads are not as waterproof as you might think so make sure you place them over a tile or linoleum surface. Your puppy is familiar with the use of these pads. It will be up to you to finish the job. If your puppy chews or shreds the pad, then Tabasco Sauce can be a solution. Lightly spread the sauce over the pad and tape. This will not hurt the puppy but will usually deter them from chewing or shredding the pad. Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate 22” x13” x 16” two door crate is recommended with the Snoozy Model# 2000 crate cushion size 23” x  16”. Our dogs love theirs and the puppies have had a lot of time in their parent’s crates! Throw away the divider and only use cheap towels as the crate pad until the puppy is potty trained.

Flexi 1 Long retractable leash. Stay with this brand only as the other similar products just do not last!

The above mentioned items can be purchased at PetSmart or on Amazon.


House Training: You should put down food and water on a regular schedule. 4 times a day to start. Allow your puppy ½ hour to eat and drink then pick the food up. Watch your puppy eat and drink and within 15 minutes of the time they finish do one of three things:

1...Take your puppy for a short walk until they do their business

2...Put them on a pad and encourage them to go. They may not stay there so keep them in the area of the pad until they are ready to go. Make sure they are on the pad when they go and be sure to praise them when they finish. Verbal praise and a treat will work wonders.

3...Take them outside on a leash to the grass or area where you would prefer he or she defecates. Always praise your puppy for a job well done! If you commit yourself to this process, your puppy will be house trained in 10 days.

4…Always take your puppy out to potty after they awake from a nap or sleep.


Choosing a Vet: The care of your pet starts with your choice of Veterinarian. This is not an easy decision to make and should be done based on five things:

1...The type of care he or she would provide. Is it aligned with the care you want your puppy provided with? Is your dog just another dog or will they customize their care giver practices to your puppy’s particular needs?

2...How do you feel when you talk with the Vet. Are they paying attention to your concerns?

3...How do you feel when you walk into their office? Is it a pleasant place to visit or is it all business?

4... How does the Vet interact with your puppy? Do you get that the Vet really cares about your puppy or the money the puppy will generate for him or her over the years?

5...When selecting a Vet act as though you are looking for a pediatrician for your newborn!

 Once you’ve made your Veterinary choice, talk with him or her about immunizations. Do not over immunize your puppy. For example, if you are not going to be taking your dog to the woods then why immunize it for Lyme disease? Find out if the amounts of immunization used is based on the average puppy’s size or customized for your puppy? 


Grooming: Should take place on an as needed basis. Ours are groomed every two weeks professionally and we will occasionally bathe them in between if necessary. Brushing should take place at least 2-3 times a week. Do not let it get away from you or the dog will pay the price and he or she will learn to hate brushing time rather than look upon it as a good time to spend with you. If you choose to use a professional groomer, stay away from a high volume business. Use a small volume groomer and your puppy has less of a chance in catching something from one of the other dogs. Get a flea comb to help with the eye stains and a good pin brush that feels good to you. Also recommended is a good rake.


Exercise: Your dog will need plenty of exercise. Walk them at least 3 days a week and you will have a more stable and better behaving pet. This will also help socialize your companion. Stay away from parks and areas that are frequented by other dogs until your puppy is fully immunized. Ask your Vet for his or her recommendation on when it would be safe to go to a park etc… As a puppy just walk them until they get tired. As adults walk them until you get tired.


Training: We highly recommend a professional trainer assist you in training your puppy. This can be either in group classes or private one on one sessions. For best results the training collar should be high on the dogs neck and not be allowed to slide down. They are more responsive when the collar is high rather than lower on the neck where they are heavily muscled. We also recommend watching the Dog Whisperer TV show. You become the pack leader!


Helpful Hints: Helping you be the pack leader:

1...Do not allow your puppy to mouth you. This is a form of domination on their part. To correct this problem take your thumb and forefinger and flick the puppy under the mouth while he or she is mouthing you. At the same time say “No Teeth.” The flick is exactly the same as if you were flipping a coin. The flick should be delivered quickly and with enough force to get the puppy’s attention. Continue the flicking process until your puppy stops the behavior. You may have to be pretty forceful with the flick if the behavior persists. It must recognize that every time it mouths you or your clothes there is a consequence. This procedure must be practiced by all members of the family. Dogs live in the moment so never correct your dog for a behavior that they are not in the act of doing. So if your puppy mouths you and runs away, do not chase it down and flick it.

2...Never strike your dog. This will not improve its behavior but rather make it fearful of your touch! Not a good thing!

3…When walking your dog, never let your dog walk in front of you. This is another form of domination. If you allow your puppy or dog to pull you or lead you during a walk, he or she thinks they are taking you for a walk! The dog’s withers should be even or behind your left leg with your dog walking along side you on your left side. When you stop your puppy should learn to sit with a verbal command of “Sit” and eventually automatically. You can release your dog from the sit position with the verbal command of “OK.” This is when your puppy or dog would be allowed to run around and explore the area around him or her. Before you resume your walk, bring him or her back to you with the “Come” command. Make him or her sit, adjust the leash and then resume your walk.


 Suggested reading material: Scared Poopless by Chiclet T. Dog & Jan Rasmusen special order from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Food Pets Die For by Ann Martin

Cesar’s Way by Cesar Millan. Coton De Tulear by Wolfgang Knorr @


Suggested viewing material: Pet Fooled on Netflix.


Caretaking: Be aware of strange behavior from your pet. We have had two cases of bee stings over the years and in both cases the puppy was saved by quick acting owners who rushed their pet to a Vet. In most cases you won’t actually see the sting but will notice a listlessness. Your Coton can’t tell you he/she needs to go to the Vet, that is up to you. Have some Benadryl on hand just in case. It can buy you time to get your pet to a Vet.


In closing: With your purchase you are now part of the Carlsbad Coton Family. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you might have. We would appreciate an occasional email and digital photo of your puppy, so we can track their growth. We will also post them on our Face Book page!





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