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The above You Tube video was created by a client. It shows a puppy that we shipped from San Diego to Philadelphia. It also shows that the puppy had no ill effects from our shipping process. No fewer than 50 Carlsbad Coton puppies have been shipped in this manner, all across the U.S. and Canada without effect.  Don't let location and false information keep you from enjoying the loving companionship of a Coton de Tulear.

All of our puppies are registered Coton De Tulears and come with a 1 year genetic health guarantee. Males & females are the same price  @  $2,000.00 Carlsbad Cotons and Dallas Cotons are $2,500.00. We no longer ship ourselves due to COVID but can provide shipping information with company's we have used in the past. Each puppy will have been de-wormed, had their first series of shots and will have been micro-chipped for identity purposes. You can pay more elsewhere, but you will not get a better quality Coton than a Carlsbad Coton! If you Face Book visit our page via the link above and see what our clients say about us!

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An Early Christmas Present?
Attention Attention Attention
Two years ago I started a second Coton Breeding Business totally separate from Carlsbad Cotons located in the Dallas, Texas area named Dallas Cotons. I still own Carlsbad Cotons and run both entities. Dallas Cotons was meant for our East Coast Clients but can also be purchased by our West Coast Clients. We currently have 2 litters for Dallas Cotons. To eliminate confusion I will note whether a puppy is a Carlsbad Coton or a Dallas Coton in the puppy's description below it's pictures. Since Covid we no longer ship our pups but reccomend company's that specialize in safely shipping puppies. Our pups can be shipped to your home. The expense varies with where you live. Tweed
Meet Teddy, a Carlsbad Coton male tricolor born on 2/11/24 and is available to his new home now.The parents are our Louie and our Ophelia. He is loving and playful. He can be reserved now from our Dallas or Murrieta, CA locations.:)

Meet Rocky, a Dallas Coton a cream colored male born on 1/27/24 and is available to his new family now. He is loving and playful. He is available to be reserved now from our Dallas or our Murrieta, CA locations. :)
Meet Bueller, a Carlsbad Coton black & white male born on 3/9/24 and has a Go Home Date of 5/10/24.The parents are our Berlin & Axel. He is a loving and playful little boy. He can be reserved now. :)

Anjanette & Bailey!

Shaun & the Boys with Rudy!

Phillip & Vanessa with Naya!

The Williams Family with Our First Black Puppy!

The Simons Family with Bleu Belle!

Sara and Andre!

Paviz and Bauer!

Sandy with Artie!

Sandy with Her 2nd Carlsbad Coton, Tiny!

The Abates and Their New Little Boy!

Drew & Jen with their 2nd Carlsbad Coton, Charlie!

The Gurians with Yogi!

The Reagins with Teddy!

Katrine & Celeste heading back to Dallas!

Katrine flew in to pick up her precious cargo!

Holly & Jenny with Blossom!

Brad and the Kids with Booker!

The Hardts with Bailey!

The Cooks with Leon now Max!

Chase with Max!

The Netter Boys and Rene!

The McKenerys and Sophie!

The Watsons Taking Bailey Home!

Marsha and the Kids with Raven now Max!

Alan and Denise Take Joplin Home!

Ben & Jennifer Take Diogi Home!

Jim & Kay wth Their new Family Member in Tully!

The Baileys with their new little girl Bella!

The Shultzs with their new family member in Mallory!

The Remsens take their little girl Lilly home!

Florence and her new little girl in Alfie!

The Lobels and their new little girl in Brandy!

The Hoffmans add Archie to their Family!

Steve & Martey heading home to surprise the rest of the Family for Christmas!

Charlene and Candy heading Home!

Archie has a new Mommy in Karol!

Marisa, Justin & Pici heading Home for the Holidays!

Pam, Bob & Maddie going Home!

Merry Christmas!!!

Andre is going to his new Home with the Kamps!

Katie's little guy!!

NO Mom you can't keep Arthur!!!!

Cindy with Sampson. He's a poser!

The Greenbergs with their new addition in Lola!

The Racunas Family with Winnie, their new little Girl!

The Speirs Family with Carona, their new little Girl!

Garrett and Rachel with their new little Girl Gabby!

Kenny & Cheryl  with our Asher, their Andy!

Churchill & His New Family, The Lius!

Ambrosia Has A New Mommy & Daddy in the Godbers!

The Dolls Take Home Our Little Borsia!

Mitchell & Jill with our young Coton, Bogart! Boggie will be missed!!!

He is definitely going to be spoiled by these two!

Flavia and Irene with their new little boy in Eddie!!!

Jenn with her long awaited Tri-color Tatiana heading home!!!

Sally & Bonnie @ home in AZ!

Ed with Alice on their way to Mexico City and Alice's new Mommy!

Lily & Alice united in Mexico City!

The Filters with Fiona @ Home! Has a nice ring to it.

Amy & Sophie at home in Washington State!

The Gussmans add a new family member in our Anabell now their Bella!

The Cavanaughs taking little Bella home!

Phillip and Ari are new best buddies!

Marisa, the kids and our Cici now Butters

The Montes Family with Shakira! They have

another Carlsbad Coton coming soon!

Febie with her little Lexie going home!

The Loo Family just added Trinity!

The Wassermans and Oliver!

Barbara & Phoebe on their way to the desert and air conditioning!!!

Mitzi, her son and Biscuit! Her son saved up for Biscuit!!!

The Rappoports and Chase. Looks like Chase has found his new favorite position in Dad's arms!

The Foyos and our Arnie! Sorry Diego, I couldn't pronounce

his new name let alone spell it!

The Mierlos and our Candie now Cupcake!

The Chens taking Trestles home!

Wanda and Zuma are heading home. Wanda's

Sister carol has one of our kids!

The Frenchs taking their Sophie home for good!

Brad & Linda with their 3rd Carlsbad Coton puppy! Theo shown

here with his new parents. I must say I am honored to know

these two and to be able to call them friends!

Thank you both for your support of "The Wounded Marine Fund."

Alexander has a new family in the Tsuyukis!

Tori & Arno getting ready to head home! Arno gets an A+ for knowing how to act when a potential new Mommy is in the house!

The Cabanas Family with their new addition in Angel. White or Color, white or color, white or color. Yeah for color!

Artimus with his new family in the Morgans!

The Smiths with their new addition Alvin.

Merry Christmas!!!

David & Ann taking Amanda home!

Amanda will dance her way into their hearts!!!

Jane & Jerry add Alise to their family,

just in time to bring in the New Year!

The first puppy of the New Year in Angel,

 going home with her new family, the Neals!

Alician has a new Mommy & Dad! Carol is already doting!

Jeanne, the kids and Allison heading home to Los Angeles.

Sara and Angus are heading Back to Los Angeles.

Looks like Angus is going to stick!

Scott & Doreen with their new little one in Chianti!

We will be seeing more of them!

The Tomers with their new little girl in our Abbey and now their Bella!

They are going to teach her to ride in the golf cart!

The Lillys with our Bette now their Nikki. Happy Family!

The Rogers Family with their new family member in Ambrosia. 

There is also a Son in the Marines, Semper Fi! 

Chris and Nikki getting ready to take our Bali, now

their Maddi to her new home! Funny thing though, Chris

bought Maddi for Nikki and yet Maddi never left his arms.

I think this couple is headed for our 1 + 1 club!!!

Ryan & Jenn take their little ZuZu home. They tied the record

for the most visits prior to taking their puppy home!

The Sharps take Melanie home! Melanie will keep the girls very busy!

Our Brandee goes home with Kirby & Cliff! Going to miss this sweetie!!!

Bachi with his new Mom & Dad in Tony & Patti.

He is a happy boy!

Jason with Aaron. Taking him to Mom in New York!
The Thompsons and our Alician in Indiana. The Story unfolds. Keep her nails trimmed with those wood floors :).
Ali, Maria and the kids, taking our Blanca back to Los Angeles and her new home!
Aimy & Family, finally get their special little girl in Eve!
Helaine, Aaron and Hudson at the airport in NYC!
Tommy and Bain, the limo is waiting to take him to his private beach.
When I come back, I swear I'm going to be a Coton!!!

Irene and Dakota on their way to Seattle!
Cale is going home with his new family the Kos. He is literally a handful.
The Stevens family adds another female in petite Alexis!
Martin and his family with our Charlie!
The Holcomb Kids with their new best friend in Brax. Because he snuggles!
Angel & Family, under cover of darkness, sneak out of town with our Andie. Goodbye little girl!
Barbara & Cliff add Arnie to their family. Who do you think Arnie's favorite is?
The Currys add our Bambi to their family! A total of two Cotons and growing?
Susan with Dobby. Taking him home to surprise the family!
Dobie is heading to his new home with the Thompsons! He is already trying mind control (give me treats, give me treats)
Matha, Granddaughter and our Gracie, heading home to Texas, yee ha!
Our Sophia with her new family the Castros, heading
for Sacramento and her new home!
Ray & Tae'lur with their 2nd Carlsbad Coton in Moe!
Now members of the 1 + 1 gang!
The Jessens finally get a puppy from Elsie's litter! They look happy!
The Donegans to be for the Donegans that are, our Alfie! What a sweetie!!!
Babe, Elsie's petite female has a new family in the Semencars!
Hai and Adrian stopping to take a picture in front of our infamous fountain,
just before heading home to Los Angeles!

Amanda & Chelsea are sisters who got their girl in our Elsie II now their Chantilly!
Sorry about the sun in your faces :(.
Jersey has a new home with the Wylies, just down the road a piece!
Nice fit! Alicia has a loving family and Mommy in Amy! The question is,
how can you see her in the snow?

Arlo & Bella head home with the Hendersons. Sorry for the Palm shading James!
Stephen takes our Coco home to Los Angeles.
For more pictures of our extended Carlsbad Coton Family,
please refer to our Face Book page :)
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